Complete pellet line

This is the newest addition in our production range. Complete pellet lines using wood chips,sawdust and straw with capacity range of 350-500 kg/h and 750-1000 kg/h.


Pellets enter the market of bioproducts used for heating and energy production systems more and more.

What are pellets?

Basically they are cylindrical shaped products made after pressing different combustible materials. Most often these materials are waste product from wood proccesing like wood sawdust and chips or agricultural products like straw and sunflower peels. To make the final product there is several procceses. The chosen material must be prepared for pelletizing. This means that material have to be properly sized. For this process take care a shredder machines for rough and fine grinding. Afterwards the material must be conditioned and its moisture brought to 11-14% range. That is why a pelelt line cannot be without a dryer and our dryers complete this task with quality and efficiency. Prepared and conditioned the raw material is conveyed to a pellet press where the pelletizing process is happening. The pellet press is the machine that actually is making pellets like a final product, but they cannot be produced if the upper-mentioned task are not completed.

  The pellets give you heat power and comfort in a winter season.


  Our pellet line includes the folowing equipment:

     - shredder for wood branches and crust

     - shredder for fine grinding up to 5 mm

     - silos for humid and dry material

     - dryer

     - pellet press

     - cooling tower

     - connecting conveyors

We offer our lines to fit the needs of our customers. If You have an equipment that You can use in this line we can make it part of it.


For more information please feel free to contact us.